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Parent or not, sleep is sacred. But if you’ve ever brought a baby home from the hospital, sat in the dark rocking a toddler back to sleep or reassuring your first grader that there are most certainly not monsters under the bed, then you know the importance of stocking the nursery or your children’s rooms with the best night lights. They’re right up there with white noise machines in terms of soothing sleep essentials for littles. And, if you haven’t (yet) had that experience, well, I’m betting you’ll be thankful to have the night light already in place once it does happen for you.

Night lights in the nursery can aid both parent and children as they grow older and suddenly afraid … [+] of the dark.


While many of us think of night lights as comfort objects for children (which they are), they’re also extremely beneficial for parents. The addition of a night light to your child’s room will prevent you from stepping on errant toys or stubbing your toe in the middle of the night. “Using a night light for you baby or toddler can be an essential ingredient in establishing and maintaining consistent nighttime sleep,” says Ann Marks, sleep consultant and founder of Full Feedings. And who doesn’t want a consistent full night’s sleep? (I did, that’s how I found Marks in the first place).

Marks went on to say, “Not only can a night light provide comfort, it can also help navigate any middle of the night care, without further stimulating or fully waking your baby up.” New parents, take note.

I can attest that a night light made middle-of-the night feedings and unexpected wake-ups far easier in our household. These are the seven best night lights to hopefully help restore order to your sleep routine whether you have a baby, toddler or big kid.

Best Night Light Overall

An All-Around Parent Favorite With App Capability

Dimmable: Yes | Type of light: Multiple options | Rechargeable: Yes | Plug-In adapter: Yes | Timer: Yes | Extra features: Sound machine, audio monitor, app control, OK To Rise sleep training

There’s a reason this was the top favorite of parents I interviewed for this story (myself included). The Hatch Rest is not only a night light; it’s also a sound machine, as well as an OK To Rise sleeper trainer and audio monitor. It’s all easy to control via the Hatch app. You can set all features on a schedule, put a toddler lock on the machine (very useful) and choose to plug it in or to use it untethered and on-the-go.

“I love the Hatch light,” says mom Lauren Kauffman explained. “It offers a dim light (of any color) as well as various sounds, and I can control everything from my phone. I give it a 10 out of 10.”

Best Value Night Light

A Steal At Just $9 For Two

Dimmable: No | …….



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