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Bulb Type
In general, there are two types of bulbs a ring light could have — LED lights or fluorescent lights. Both have their unique advantages but we prefer options with LED bulbs for the following reasons. Fluorescent lights seem to produce better lighting than normal house bulbs (incandescent bulbs), however, LEDs are better at converting electrical power into light.

Also for continuous use and mobility LEDs are less fragile than fluorescent tubes. LEDs are likely to withstand some rough handling. When fluorescent tubes break, it releases the toxic mercury they contain. Another win for LED. And finally, fluorescent tube lights need a steady electric outlet. But LED ring lights can be used with a power adapter or with batteries.

The amount of wattage it takes to ignite your ring light to its best capacity is also very important when considering which ring light to go for. Depending on what you want to use your ring light for, and your intended use, the ring light uses between 5 W and 75 W of power on average. Battery and USB-powered ring lights (smaller ring lights) usually need lower power (5 to 10 watts).

While Studio-grade ring lights that use power adapters may consume up to 75 W to give the full light output possible. However, depending on the actual number of LEDs inside the ring light, it could need more power than its size.

Battery Life
When getting a portable option for your vlogging and video call, the battery life of your ring light is a major factor as you need a ring light with a lower charging time that works for a longer time.
Here we considered brands that have proven to provide strong battery life.

Another thing you might be worried about is whether to go for cord or cordless options. During our research, there was no real difference between the output of both so any choice you go for here is great.

LED Strength
This is a very important feature to have in mind when you are considering how low or bright a ring light can go. Here we preferred options with more levels of brightness adjustability, however, this is easily seen in more expensive larger options.

Also, the amount of LEDs affects how well spread and possibly how bright the light is. We try to include products with plenty of LEDs for this reason.

Light Dimming
A good number of ring lights are dimmable, but the cheaper options might not offer adjustable color temperatures. And this is a key factor to keep in mind when looking for something with a wider color temperature range (color temperature refers to the intensity of the light).

If you need crazier more sophisticated effects on your videos, this is very important to look at. Here we considered ring lights with the provision of cool or warm lights or offered both and a combination of both. However, for something more, you can trust the brands listed to have solid options for you!

Size is always important when looking at a ring light, so depending on your need we have provided options to suit you. For options, you can take on the road, small and portable are perfect for you. Bigger sizes are ideal for you with a more permanent or stable setup like a studio or have more space to spare




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