The NEW Kind of LED You Should Know About!

January 1, 2023 by 20 Comments

Dave takes you on a tour from the first LEDs to the latest in LED technology, the individually addressable LEDs such as …

20 Replies to “The NEW Kind of LED You Should Know About!”

  1. OK, OK… you’re right. WS2812B is not “new” in that it’s been around since 2013, but it’s “new” to most hobbyists, as evidenced by the responses below. But a small and dedicated group of hobbyists has indeed been using them for a number of years, so they’re not “new” in that sense.

  2. Zombie Fool says:

    Individually addressable LED’s are not news.

  3. Arsenic says:

    It was actually Heinrich Göbel who invented the incandescent bulb, not Edison. Edison just patented it first but he did not invent it.

  4. LEDs don’t give off a single frequency. Generally, they give off a range of about 10 nm – which makes a very pure color by filtered white light standards, but is at least 10 times less pure than lasers. And the peak color does change with temperature, although it’s a small effect.

  5. Freestila F. says:

    New kind??? Adressable rgb leds are on the market since i dont jnow how many years – more then ten years minimum. I build my first Pixels project twelve years ago and they where in the third or so iteration already….

  6. At 12:15 you mention a these can be controlled without code; can you please elaborate?

  7. Why do we have to waste so much time talking about basic basic bais stuff. Not just this video but most science reporter do the same thing. If for example I have to read about what a black hole is every time I read something about new findings for relativity imma freak out. But there is likley not going to be an end to this unless the population get deeper into science

  8. what gets me is that we still use RGB.
    fireworks are a great example.
    you dont get true pink or violet with RGB. you get a vague, inaccurate, approximation. most purposes its fine, but theres a few cases it isnt. red and blue do NOT make true violet.

    yknow what? i could live with oldschool resolution, if it had a six colour display…

    we got amber, pink, and violet LEDS, distinct wavebands across the entire spectrum. we arent limited to RGB anymore. its a relic of a bygone era… what was feasible when colour television came out. just getting RGB backwards compatible with B&W transmissions was a feat of engineering in itself. people have forgotten about that sort of stuff.
    there were limitations, and RGB suited them at the time.

    yes, cameras would have to change to suit.

    forget resolution, i want colours to be displayed as accurately as possible. let my eyes photoreceptors be the limiting factor.

  9. Karl Miller says:

    You never mentioned anything about a “NEW” LED. You just talked about LED tech that is more than a decade OLD

  10. occam raiser says:

    Wrong in the first 30 seconds……the bulb was developed by Swan, Woodwood and Evans – take your pick…..but not Edison. Since you just trot out the last thing you read on the internet about this, why would I listen to the rest of your ‘wisdom’ on LEDs……. did Edison invent that too?

  11. Diggee17 says:

    Why are you calling this new? This LED has been around for years. Great explanation though thanks.

  12. Wirt Donners says:

    It’s called Losev light before the USA inventories.

  13. Dave W says:

    The first incandescent lights were not sold by Edison!
    There were at least two others showing their lights off at the exhibition ….. but Edison had a couple of paid news hacks and so history has been re-written!

  14. Dee Wells says:

    I’d really like to see a national security episode on LEDs. Whole of Western world built around LEDs and the first thing that comes to my mind is “Made in China”. I don’t know if that means Uyghur or North Korean slaves, but it for sure ends up supporting China’s war against democracy.

  15. Dee Wells says:

    1:20: Where did you find this information that LEDs convert almost all the current to light? Can this really be said of LED circuits? Question, not criticism, I clicked the “liked” button. 🙂

  16. lucky chucky says:

    Wow a lot of information in a short. Of time good good good job he’s almost as fast as the lights he’s talking about

  17. pmgriphone says:

    No toxins in LEDs??? Maybe you should look up the toxicity of AlGaAs, GaAs and InGaAsP. All these end up in the environment eventually.

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