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June 27, 2022 by No Comments

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I absolutely despise going to the doctor. It’s one thing to be picked and prodded at, but the whole vibe is just… off. Gross waiting rooms, biohazardous waste, and my arch enemy: fluorescent lights. Maybe it’s the combination of nerves from me reading WebMD and being a hypochondriac, but those lights legitimately make me feel like I’m in another dimension—and not in a good way.

Along with causing eye discomfort that I didn’t ask for, fluorescent lights are just the complete opposite of relaxing. That stark, flat lighting plagues so many businesses and places in this world, and it’s the last thing I want illuminating my home. I’m not the only one that feels like this; many households are slowly phasing out fluorescent light bulbs, and ever since I developed my serious aversion to them, I’ve made my home a moody cave with my favorite Amazon find: Bluex LED Bulbs


Bluex Bulbs (2-Pack)

$9.99 at Amazon

Now, I’m not a light bulb wizard, and I don’t really care to know anything about the specs of home goods (that’s what my hardware-store-obsessed dad is for). However, these pretty little bulbs sparked some curiosity, and I decided to do some research on the benefits of using LED light bulbs. Your typical incandescent light bulb typically lasts up toa year, which seems like a long time, depending on how your electricity bill looks. But, things take a wild turn when you look at how long LED light bulbs can last; certainly longer than the old-school kind, and certain models can even last up to 100,000 hours or 20 years, depending on the typel. So in terms of efficiency and bang for your buck, there’s no doubt that, generally speaking, LED light bulbs will save you money and effort in the long run—but they also have way more exciting features like Bluetooth connectivity and color-changing capabilities.  

So, back to the Bluex LED bulbs. They’re the affordable cousins I didn’t know Philips Hue had, and those high-quality color-changing bulbs are a hot (but pricey) commodity. These Bluex bulbs also use less energy and have a low wattage (9 watts), but unleash bold, 850-lumen colors for hours on end. An ultimate brownie point is they don’t contain mercury, unlike fluorescent bulbs, so there’s less risk of a hazard to humans and the environment if they were to break. Overall, these LED bulbs are magnificent with their ability to turn your room into a colorful, saturated sanctuary and longevity. 

I first copped red, then blue, then green. (I know I have a problem, but what can I say? I like to embody a multitude of ~*~vibes~*~.) I placed one in my nightstand lamp and another in my tall floor lamp. I …….



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