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Tronsmart is an audio tech company that has been designing premium products since 2013 and has rapidly grown its catalogue ever since.

They have a huge range of products but are mostly known for their speakers.

After the success of their recent party speaker the 60w Bang, they have released two more unique products, adding to their ever-growing roster.

The first is the Tronsmart T7 Bluetooth speaker that looks to add a splash of colour to parties and events.

The T7 is a dynamic speaker that sports a cylindrical design granting 360 surround sound making it suitable for outside and inside use.

Instead of having a metallic mesh like other speakers, Tronsmart has opted to make it out of a knitted fabric.

The control buttons are easily accessible at the back of the speaker and take up very little space allowing mesh to make up the majority of the speaker.

The T7 is Tronsmart’s new multipurpose speaker



The unique design is completed with the massive volume wheel located at the top of the speaker which is decorated with the LED light.

Its compact body measures 21.6cm x 7.8cm making it a great companion to take on the go.

It’s slightly heavier than your standard portable speaker weighing 870g, however, it’s still light enough to carry for long periods of time.

The T7 speaker is a premium device that not only looks stylish but has also been built to boost its audio capabilities through the cylindrical design.

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It comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating which means it can withstand rain and even be submerged in water for up to thirty minutes. This makes it a perfect partner for outdoor adventures.

The speaker is built with dual tweeters & woofer that can pump out up to 30w of sound. This allows the speaker to play both the left and right channels simultaneously making it an ideal alternative for a traditional speaker setup.

The T7 has a wide frequency range of 60Hz – 20kHz enabling it to play different types of music with admirable results.

The T7’s 360 design makes it suitable for different scenarios



The bass really stood out and I was massively impressed with how much power this compact device could generate.

The 360 audio design allowed it to produce great sound no matter where it was located in my house.

The T7 includes five control buttons that allow users to have full authority over their music and access the SoundPulse preset.

However, these buttons double or triple up to grant access to the speakers other functions such as activating the voice assistant, changing the LED lights settings or answering calls.

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It’s great that Tronsmart has created a multi-purpose speaker but they haven’t made it easy to access some of these functions.

For instance, the Play button is used to answer and reject calls while also granting access to the voice assistant and it can get a little confusing remembering all the input commands




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