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ORLANDO, Fla., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Truck Lite, the leader in LED lighting solutions for commercial vehicles, has unveiled their all-new LED Projector Headlights, its latest advancement in forward lighting to deliver improved performance and modern aesthetics. LED Projector Headlights feature an optimized design ideal for final mile delivery, utility, construction, municipal and waste applications — all of which will likely be among the first segments to adopt electric vehicles.

Improving Headlight Performance Serves Growing Customer Segments
Truck-Lite LED Projector Headlights feature a new beam pattern with a wider beam spread that maximizes light output and increases foreground illumination, leading to better performance —especially for vehicles operating in more congested environments like trucks used in final mile delivery, utility, construction, municipal and waste markets.

The growth of e-commerce has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result there are more final mile vehicles operating in residential areas at all hours of the day, every day of the week. Now more than ever, safe operation of these vehicles is critical.

Understanding the unique visibility challenges faced by final mile delivery drivers, Truck-Lite focused on design enhancements to improve visibility and ultimately safety.

“We knew developing a winning product would require more than a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Shane Brown, General Manager of Truck-Lite. “Truck-Lite’s Next Generation Headlights were designed specifically to offer noticeable and highly relevant performance improvements that enable drivers to operate confidently.”

With final mile delivery being one of the first market segments expected to adopt electric vehicles, Truck-lite engineers delivered product improvements without sacrificing amp draw as additional parasitic load on a vehicle’s battery reduces overall vehicle performance.

While LED Projector Headlights are offered in three sizes – 5″x7″, 4″x6″, and 7″ round – these new headlamps are also designed to be modular. This is especially appealing to the emerging electric vehicle OEMs who want to have their vehicles look custom and unique to their brand.

Truck-Lite “At the Speed of Light” Leads Brand Into Future
Given the changes happening in commercial transportation today, Truck-Lite understands the old rules do not always apply. In many ways, this projector design is more than just a next generation headlamp – it’s a symbol of the change happening at Truck-Lite to prepare the company for the next generation of transportation.                                                                     

Truck-Lite recently introduced an initiative called “At the Speed of Light” which underscores its commitment to accelerate innovation to better serve customers. The brand is no stranger to innovation – it was founded in 1955 with an idea for a sealed light that sparked a revolution in truck and trailer safety lighting. While several technology-driven changes have come to the industry since 1955, the changes brought on by electric vehicles will be the largest experienced in a century. Electrification has been a driving force for the decision for Truck-Lite to relocate its headquarters from Falconer, New York to Erie, Pennsylvania on the campus of Penn State Behrend. The new facility is expected to be fully operational this summer and features a state-of-the-art innovation lab, as well as endless opportunities to collaborate with the student talent pipeline and other transportation technology leaders in the area surrounding the university.

“Every day, Truck-Lite engineers are listening to the needs of our customers and finding ways to create solutions that drive efficiency and safety through …….



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