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Price: $98

Cory Gunther

These days your options are almost endless for RGB LED light strips. You can pick up a cheap set in various lengths for under $20. However, they’re typically meant to be hidden behind your TV, furniture, or under kitchen cabinets and out of sight.

Here’s What We Like

  • Endless color combos & effects
  • Highly flexible
  • Support for Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Customizable LED zones

And What We Don’t

  • 6.5 feet is a bit short
  • You can’t combine multiple tubes
  • Expensive

With the Twinkly Flex LED tube strips, it’s the complete opposite. These are beautiful LED tubes that let you create any neon sign you can imagine, and instead of hiding it, they’ll be the center of attention in any room or office.

Twinkly’s app-controlled Flex LED Tubes (or rope) come in 6.5 feet strands for $100, which certainly isn’t cheap. That said, Twinkly is one of the best when it comes to holiday lights, and if you already have Twinkly products, you’ll absolutely love the Flex lights and their retro vibes.

While smart lights are great, being able to flex and bend this visually appealing LED tube to any shape you can imagine makes these a great choice. Once mounted, you can map the design inside the app, create beautiful color gradients and effects, or even sync it up to music. Consider the Twinkly Flex lights if you’re looking for a stylish room ambiance or a conversation starter.

Installation and What’s In the Box

Cory Gunther

While the LED tube is thicker than traditional light strips, the installation was simple. As expected, it mounts to the wall with some 3M adhesive strips and a few little plastic clips to help line everything up. Twinky does provide instructions in the box if needed, but just let your imagination go wild and start putting everything in place. There’s also a long power cord and a controller.

As you can see above, it comes with four curved plastic mounting clips and 12 more straight clips to help users line up the rope and create neat shapes. And while this was enough for my “Play” sign, I wish the box had more options, more corner pieces, and a few different angles. I had a few terrific design ideas but those proved difficult with only four corner mounting clips.

As for mounting the light to your wall, Twinkly provides double-sided 3M adhesive pads and 16 small screws. You can use either option or a combination of both. It’s worth noting that the 3M will likely take the paint off your wall (it did mine) if you ever decide to change the shape, so I ended up using the small screws. Then again, now you have small holes to …….



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