Use These Tricks To Install Crown Molding (With LED Lights)

January 25, 2023 by 20 Comments

In this video I’m sharing my favorite tricks for how to install crown molding. Stud finder: Be sure to leave …

20 Replies to “Use These Tricks To Install Crown Molding (With LED Lights)”

  1. T Jonesy says:

    Making cuts on a short board works with the marked tape, but when you start getting into long pieces of crown, it’s almost impossible to hold the wood (or MDF) flat against the fence. Crown stops are so worth it. Also, I understand that you were doing this for demonstration purposes, but it seems to me it would be easier to drop in the rope light above the 2×2 piece of wood prior to installing the crown. Overall, very helpful video.

  2. Jane A says:

    I have crown molding trauma… I told my mom I’d help her install it, saying “how hard can it be?” $130 of hard. We got it all installed but I wish I’d seen this video first.

  3. Jane A says:

    All those DeWalt tools just make me drool… what were you saying?

  4. EK says:

    “Don’t let the little things bother you” – Well said – No kidding any work you do on your own, with time and attention will more than likely be way better than the builder.

  5. Bob Jonquet says:

    Love the Dewalt saw mounted to a Milwaukee stand!
    When starting the crown, I like to select an area with multiple small pieces that I can handle easily. Dry fit them to make sure the cuts are accurate. Then assemble a few pieces down on a flat surface like a table in order to align the joints. Use super glue and activator to keep the seams clean and tight. Then you can put the assembly up as one piece using the caulk to fill any wavy imperfections between the wall and the long edge of the crown. Significantly reduces the need to caulk the joints and makes the overall appearance look seamless. The glue does not readily crack because the joints are stronger than the actual trim regardless if you use MDF or real wood.

  6. Dan Kelley says:

    Usually your demos are great. This one was terrible. All you did was hurry through a bunch of cuts not showing what you were trying to achieve. Should’ve taken each cut to the specific corner & show why you were cutting it that way, bring it back & show why you did it that way. I was totally confused.

  7. Joe Momma says:

    “Trust more in your caulking than you carpentry skills.” Truer words have never been spoken lol

  8. What is the height of the walls? How does this look on an 8 foot wall?

  9. Where did you place the outlet?

  10. Relax says:

    Can you post the LED lights used in the vidoe

  11. As always down to earth 🌎. Great show love all your videos.

  12. Matt B says:

    I think a quick refresher on measuring the inside/outside corner angle and then showing how to make the cuts to form the measured angle is due. Can’t always assume the corners are 90 degrees. Otherwise, you’ll end up with trim that looks like what you’d see in my workplace’s conference rooms and hallways.

  13. Great video us usual 🙂 How about a quick video with tips how to measure the angles for old houses. I just so happen to live in a parallelogram.

  14. A. Holb says:

    💡WoooW Your Freaking 😎👍🏾❤️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    YOU sir Spark such Creativity 💡 in Building. And Make it so simple to follow. Also BTW……. You make me want 🆕 improvements. I had …NO CLUE I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE 🤣👍🏾.
    I have to tell ya a lil secret though. bc, as I’m OFTEN🙄told🤷🏾‍♀️⁉️❔⁉️ I…. CAN be 🤏🏾👀 a lil too Honest….. LmCao… Anyway My FAMILY DOESNT LIKE YOU VERY MUCH RIGHT NOW 🤣👍🏾because of how fabulously Easy🤞🏾😎 you make every project look. So each time I get my alert that there is a new Video uploaded. They are trying to take away my phone 🤳🏾📵 and ban my YouTube access. 🤷🏾‍♀️😂
    👍🏾⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐As always Thanks for posting. My space is going to be 🆕& FAB- U- LOUS DARLING.. YEAHSSS!!!!
        ⚠️ ” You Know, 5% sure 🤔 I SHOULD REALLY come wit a F😏n WARNING 🤐LABEL 🏷️⚠️

  15. aww man we always painted the moulding first and then the seams we cut the crown upside down and backwards flat faced at a 45 degree angle using a triple chip blade so the painted side doesn’t chip, away from wherever the light is coming from in the house, so that when you calk and touchup paint you will never see a seam.. but my way is just way too confusing.

  16. I use 3/4 round for a nailing strip

  17. Itdrtyndere says:

    Cutting baseboard was always easy for me but crown tripped me up. That measurement tip you had abt 5 min into the video to just flip the measurement book is such a simple fix but it blew my mind. This changes everything. Look forward to trying it out.

  18. You can also use it as a picture hanher . Like they did in war days

  19. Randy Hanley says:

    1:21 – “Turn that Crown.. .Upside down”… sorry, dad joke 😀 Great video as always.

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