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WARREN — City council members have approved proceeding with unique-style playground projects at Packard and Perkins parks.

Council on Wednesday approved advertising for proposals and entering into contract for the design and construction of a nature playground at Perkins Park, and for design and installation of a playground and preschool bankshot court for Packard Park. Bankshot is a revision of basketball where the baskets are eight feet off the ground and laid out in a certain way.

Mayor Doug Franklin said the projects are designed to provide children more opportunities for outdoor activities. Design and feasibility studies will be done on the projects and reviewed by council for final project cost approval.

The projects include the design of new playrgound space, removal and disposal of exisitng playground items, excavation of the site, and installing new equipment. The nature playground will be installed where a tree fell in Perkins Park.

Officials are seeking grants through the Environmental Protection Agency Supplemental Environmental Project funds administered through the Eastgate Regional Council of Governments. The funds are collected from entities that fail to comply with environmental laws and are resolved through settlement agreements.

Seventh Ward Councilman Ron White said there are dugouts and fields at Packard Park that also need caretaking.

“We have two beautiful parks in the middle of town that work needs done at,” he said.

In other business, council approved entering a partnership with the Warren Redevelopment and Planning Corporation (WRAP) to assist the city in managing more than $28 million in federal funds it is receiving.

WRAP will assist the city with the management and administration of American Rescue Plan funds to assist Warren businesses.

Michael Keys, director of community development for the city, said the funds will be for local businesses that already have applied for it. Keys said the funds are to make the businesses more visually appealing, cleaning up building facades and making other aesthetic improvements such as painting, landscaping and new signage.

Council now is discussing how the ARP funds can be allotted to each council menber for their ward. Officials said there has been more than 114 applicants from businesses.

Also, Safety Service Director Eddie Colbert said the the agreement the city entered into with Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) for an energized community grant will help the city in implementing energy savings and energy infrastructure.

The city is seeking a $75,000 grant for energy related projects and LED lighting.

Colbert said the city can replace current lights with LED lights and also make landscaping improvements by city hall and the municipal building..

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