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Amazon surprised many people in the industry when they released the 11th generation Kindle Paperwhites in late 2021. The company made the call to increase the screen size from 6 inches to 6.8, providing more ample screen real estate for readers. There are plenty of other key features such as the inclusion of more LED lights than any other Kindle, this is primary due to the new color temperature system that was borrowed from the Kindle Oasis, and USB-C. There are two models to choose from, the standard 8GB model and the Signature Edition, which has 32GB of storage, an ambient light sensor and quick charging. What are Amazons plans for future e-readers in 2022?

Amazon is at a crossroads when it comes to the rest of the Kindle lineup. The entry level Kindle Basic model came out in 2019 and is ideal for someone who has never had an e-reader before. The PPI is only 167 and it has a six inch E INK display, so text does not look very crisp. One of the big selling points at the time, was the front-lit display. However, it only has 4 LED lights, so the screen is not very bright. Midway through the lifecycle, Amazon quietly increased the storage from 4GB to 8GB, which was a welcome change. I believe Amazon will refresh this model sometime in 2022. Likely they will introduce a small amount of amber LED lights for a color temperature system. I doubt they will increase the resolution of the display, nor make it waterproof.

The Kindle Oasis 3rd generation also came out in 2019. This used to be considered their large screen, flagship e-reader. It has a 7 inch E Ink Carta HD capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1680 x 1264 and 300 PPI. The screen is made of glass and the body is made of high grade aluminum. It has physical page turn buttons and an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the front-lit display and color temperature system. I believe that if Amazon decides to release the Oasis 4, there many features that they can include in a new model. USB-C is critical for starters, since Amazon seems to believe in this format for new Kindles going forward. They might also include the same E INK Carta 1200 display technology that the new Paperwhite’s are employing, this dramatically increases performance by 50% and page turn speed by 20%. They should also include a better version of Bluetooth, so more headphones and earbuds will be compatible with it, to listen to Audible audiobooks. The need to implement a new gyroscope, the Oasis 3 was too sensitive. More storage is needed, since comics, manga, and audiobooks take up lots of room, I suggest a 32GB or 64GB options. A larger screen would also be useful. The Oasis 4 would not have cellular options, so no 4G/LTE. Amazon has made the call to kill the cellular options on all future e-readers. I also believe that Amazon will increase the screen size for 7 inches to 7.8, which will be ideal to view ComiXology comics and manga.

Will Amazon discontinue the Oasis? There is a possibility that they can kill it off, like they did the Voyage and the Kindle DX. The Oasis is hardly a household name, and due to the cost, it is not the most popular e-reader on the market. It is very dated right now and not worth it to buy. If Amazon were to make my purposed changes, the product would still be viable. I believe that Amazon will release the Oasis 4 in 2022.

Will Amazon release a …….

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