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Some 90 percent of Americans say outdoor living spaces are more vital now than ever, according to a 2021 survey by the International Casual Furnishings Association. And with summer in full swing, it’s an excellent time to join that trend. When making improvements to your home’s environs, don’t forget to hit the lights. There have been a lot of advances in outdoor illumination of late.

Here’s a look at some of the types and trends in outdoor lighting to help you design a front- and a backyard that’ll enhance your home’s functionality and provide security.

Security lighting

One way to keep intruders and harmful animals strangers instead of house guests is with security lighting ($300 per light). Sure, you could install the large spotlights that’ll give your place the charm of Alcatraz. Or, you could use floodlights. These babies emit a large pool of light, allowing a wide range of vision. Hang these on the exterior wall or siding of your home at angles that capture bigger areas, like your backyard, side or front yard.

Trends in security lighting: Motion-sensing floodlights ($35-$200) combine the best of both worlds: Since movement triggers these lights, they’ll only come on when someone or something sets them off.

Moreover, some models like the Ring floodlight will light up your yard to 2,000 lumens and provide 70 feet of range — both of which should be plenty to help you spot potential intruders. When considering motion-sensor floodlights, search for ones that connect to other smart home devices like cameras or “smart” lights and possess a weather-proof body. If you’re considering hiring someone to install the lights, the average cost runs from $370. Or, you could pay up to $550 for smart LED options; these allow you to brighten/dim lights and turn them on and off with a remote.

A smart light also has other capabilities. “It can switch colors according to mood, select specific bulbs, turn on and off, etc.,” says Kimo Quance, a San Diego realtor, broker and owner of the Kimo Quance Group. However, “as cool as it sounds, the budget needs to be equally large for it. Usually, per piece of an LED bulb can cost from $100 to $300.”

Path lighting

Have you tried walking up a sidewalk or driveway when it’s dark? It becomes a guessing game of where do I step next. Path/driveway lighting ($50-$150 per light) eliminates the guesswork. You’ll install these at ground level adjacent to your walking paths, sidewalk, or driveway, helping folks find their way.

Trends in path lighting: Solar lights have become a popular choice for pathways, since they don’t require wiring. The evolution of styles includes some tantalizing options. “White solar firework style lights are a fabulous new way to add variety and height. They nestle into flower beds and next to shrubs to add subtle glow and texture to your yard,” says Anne Keery, owner of PatioGateway.com.

You could also consider LED step lights ($85-$100) for your home’s entry points. As their name suggests, they come in flat strips of LED lighting to illuminate stairs.

Moreover, deck lights wedge into the groove of the deck’s surface, providing a well-lit walkway up and down your porch. It’ll cost you $75-$150 to install them. Meanwhile, pool lights affix to the side …….

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