White Screen 10 Hours

September 24, 2022 by 20 Comments

Screen Test.

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  1. Youtube da zavallı çizerlerin işine yarayacak birçok şeyin olması çok güzel bişi

  2. bro this really helps when im scared of the dark and im on vacation and theres no lights 😍🤞🏻

  3. twizzy says:

    puertorican here, i use this as my light source whenever im without electricity

  4. Vavn says:

    I used this to see all the invisible cracks on my phone 😂

  5. Thanks,you saved me from a rat attacking me(not jk)

  6. Flak_eY says:

    I used this to see where the dirt was while cleaning my monitor i saw a crack in the monitor some of the rubbing alcohol got in next thing i know i cant get out of full screen…

  7. Keeps the flies attached to this phone light and not my other phone


  9. SARQplays says:

    This helped me out a lot because this was like a light pad to put paper on top and trace

  10. Kanegi says:

    wow, good video man thumbs up make weiter so!

  11. someone says:

    My phone got a burnt-in my dad told me to try just a white screen to get it off/make it a little better so Imma try this!

  12. man 69:42:00 was hands down the saddest part 😢

  13. Giazi says:

    I just searched this vid cause I dropped my phone just now and it broke..i came to see all my scratches on the screen 😂😫😫😫😔

  14. Spook says:

    Helps me clean my screen, awesome!

  15. Tap player says:

    I used this in my late night homework Xd

  16. Desk lamp went stuck so I used this.

  17. My fav part when i screen shot this for a vid
    (Not really :/)

  18. Why are you doing this to me ?

  19. I use it as light in the dark yeah yeah I am a genius 🤫

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