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The amount of time we spend connected to screens throughout the day is ever increasing. One in three of our waking hours—4.8 hours in all—are spent on our phones, according to App Annie, up 30 percent in the last two years. We read the news, catch up on emails, chat to our friends, and watch videos throughout the day through increasingly minuscule screens.

But all that time spent staring at minute pixels has helped kickstart a revolution at home. While the screens we interact with on a regular basis are shrinking, when we want to relax and kick back, we’re increasingly going large. The proportion of large-sized TV screens—measured as 60 inches and up—being shipped every year is increasing. 60-inch or greater screens now make up one in every five produced worldwide, according to market analysts TrendForce.

Such large screens help improve the at-home viewing experience, turning a living room into a home theatre. And while large TV screens of 60 inches and above are seeing an uptick in sales, purchases of extra-large TV screens, measured at 75 inches or more, are being supercharged as people begin to enjoy a fantastic universe of entertainment in the comfort of their own home. This is what TCL, a global No. 2 LCD TV brand, has envisioned.   

With a plethora of streaming services available to users, and the average UK consumer subscribing to two paid offerings and accessing a larger number of free alternatives in addition to linear TV, viewers are keen to mimic the cinema experience while in the comfort of our own home. To do that, people are increasingly seeking out screens that provide a broad canvas onto which to display their favourite shows and movies. The business claims, “When you want to watch a movie, you want to feel like you’re in the best seat in the house, immersed in the story. If you like sports, you want to take in all the action and feel like you’re at the match alongside leading athletes competing in the world’s greatest races.”

TCL is seeing an increasing demand for larger screens as customers seek out those immersive entertainment experiences, with the company producing a greater number of extra-large screens to meet that interest. Choosing an XL TV is not about watching more TV, it’s about truly seeing the bigger picture and watching content on TV at the very best level of picture quality and sound possible for a very affordable price.

Source: https://www.wired.co.uk/bc/article/why-tv-screens-are-going-extra-large


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