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Usually, when I find a very cool or useful gadget, I’ll play with it for a while and then tell my mom about it.

If it’s something that piques her interest, she’ll buy one, and sometimes she asks me to help her set it up.

Last Thanksgiving, she turned the tables on me. Mom bought a Wyze Cam Floodlight ($84.99 plus shipping at wyze.com). I volunteered to install it and ended up liking it so much that I bought one for myself.

Usually, companies send me gadgets to review. This time, I spent my own money, and I’ve been using the Wyze Cam Floodlight at my house for a few months.

Let there be light

Late last year, my mom decided to replace the old motion detector floodlight on the front of her garage.

She already had a Wyze Cam in her back yard, and one day she noticed the Wyze apps shopping tab featured a floodlight camera.

Mom decided she needed one.

On the garage, not too far from the old floodlight, was an original Ring standalone camera she bought years ago.

The Wyze Cam Floodlight would replace the old light and the Ring camera.

On Black Friday morning, I drove to Home Depot and picked it up.


The Wyze Cam Floodlight comes with everything you need to get it up and working.

Wyze has videos online and on the app to walk you through the entire installation and setup process.

The first step was finding the breaker to turn off power to mom’s detached garage.

The Wyze Cam Floodlight(Rossman, James)

Then I unmounted the old floodlight, leaving only the wires sticking out of the garage.

The Wyze Cam Floodlight can be mounted on a wall or ceiling, but you’ll need to install it where there is an electrical box. If you’re not replacing an existing light, you may need to consult an electrician to get a box installed where you want the floodlight installed.

The only tools needed for the install were a step ladder and a screwdriver.

The online videos gave clear instructions about connecting the two wires for power plus the ground wire and getting the light attached to the box.

The Wyze app walks you through every step.

Once I had the wires connected and the light mounted, I turned on the power and returned to run the camera’s setup wizard.

If you’re not comfortable working with electrical wires or up on a ladder, you’ll need a handyman or electrician for the installation.


The camera on the Floodlight is the same Wyze Cam v3 you can buy in stores or online.

You’ll need the free Wyze app on your phone or tablet to set up the camera.

Mom already had a Wyze cam, so she had the app on her iPad.

Touch the plus …….

Source: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/technology/2022/03/17/wyze-cam-floodlight-combines-motion-activated-light-and-security-camera/


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